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Day Tour and shore excursions in Naples

Electa Travels day tour in NaplesNaples is nowadays a wonderful city, enriched by all sorts of influences of all the civilizations that once settled there. Choosing a shore excursion or a day tour to explore this magical city can be a wonderful opportunity to appreciate its sights and be charmed by its traditions and lifestyle.

According to legend, Naples owes its original name to Parthenope, one of the mermaid in Greek mythology: the city was established in what is now known as the Gulf of Naples, a wide wonderful inlet along the coast, guarded on the east side by the beautiful, yet terrible Vesuvio, best known for its eruption in Pompeii.

Hotel Beau Rivage in Alassio

Hotel Beau Rivage While visiting the very nice town of Alassio, you definitely have to stay at the Beau Rivage Hotel, a three-star place you will fall in love with.

Located near the promenade, in a very quite neighbourhood in order to let the guests relax, the hotel is a 19th-century old villa where once the artist Richard West used to live.

There is no pool or lift or any other luxury such as spas, but it is a small family-run place where you can be treated in an excellent way.

A hotel in a previous monastery in Saluzzo

Saluzzo is a small medieval town near Turin, in Piedmont and it is very well known because of the old part that still has some of the original houses of the Marquis.

The Monastery of St. Jonh (Convento di San Giovanni, in Italian) was a meeting point for the tourists, since it is located near the Civic Tower where you can have an amazing view of the town from the top. Recently they decided to close this place, a very symbolic example of the religious architecture, and they restored it in order to transform it in a 4-star resort.

The hotel offers 13 rooms located in the upper floors of the building, where in the past Cistercian and Dominican friars lived in the quiet of the place.

Hotel Al Ponte Mocenigo in Venice

Going to Venice is a great idea, especially if you book at the Hotel Al Ponte Mocenigo. It is simply awesome, and let’s find out why.

First of all, the owners are so helpful, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Enjoy your time and ask them everything you need without any problem. From the shopping to the grocery, from the pastry shop to the souvenir one.

Second, the position of the hotel is in the center, so it is the perfect spot for you: you can both walk or take a taxi. You can walk to go to the Rialto Bridge or Saint Mark Basilica.

The Enterprise Hotel in Milan

The enterprise hotelIf you are in Milan and you want to find a very nice hotel not too much far from the city center, you should definitely book a room at the Enterprise Hotel, a place which is simply great.

Really near the tram station, it is also connected to the metro, letting you reach the city center in 10 minutes. This means if you want to visit the Dome and all the area in the nearby by walk or by taxi.

All around you can find shops everywhere, so you easily look for everything you need or you want to bring back home as souvenir. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for restaurants: there are not plenty of them in the area.

Dolomiti National Park

dolomiti national parkA different trip to the Dolomiti area, expecially during summer, consist in visiting the area inside and around the famous Dolomiti National Park. Being known as the place with the purest air of the whole Italy, the National Park of Dolomiti lies north to Belluno.

You could start your trip from that city, obviously with a car. Following the old Via Agordo, keep going east until you reach Vignole. This small town is incredibly clean and well kept.