Day Tour and shore excursions in Naples

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Electa Travels day tour in NaplesNaples is nowadays a wonderful city, enriched by all sorts of influences of all the civilizations that once settled there. Choosing a shore excursion or a day tour to explore this magical city can be a wonderful opportunity to appreciate its sights and be charmed by its traditions and lifestyle.

According to legend, Naples owes its original name to Parthenope, one of the mermaid in Greek mythology: the city was established in what is now known as the Gulf of Naples, a wide wonderful inlet along the coast, guarded on the east side by the beautiful, yet terrible Vesuvio, best known for its eruption in Pompeii.

Finally during my trip in Italy, I had the chance to see the best of this city with my own eyes, thanks to a shore excursion in Naples offer on Electa Travels website.

One of the thing that I loved, is that it was a 100% Customizable tour: I rent a personal driver, and planned to spend the morning in the city, and the afternoon visiting Pompeii.

My day tour in Naples

We started with a big walk through the famous Spaccanapoli, a long street which cuts the city in two parts: exploring this street is like walking back in time through its history, while being completely immersed in the daily modern life, with the scents of its street food and the sounds of its people.

We then went to visit the mysterious Cappella of Sansevero, in which is possible to see the Veiled Christ, a very impressive and famous statue, famous for the veil that covers Christ, that appears so light and perfect to be surrounded by all sorts of legends.

Another place not to miss, it’s one of the symbol of Naples, Piazza del Plebiscito, and make sure tvisit Toledo Station, one of the stop of Naples subway and considered one of the most beautiful subway station in Europe.

Excursion in Pompeii

Close to the city, don’t forget to explore the famous ruins of Pompeii and Ercolano, the two famous cities completely destroyed by the volcanic eruption in 79 d.C: and considered to be one of the most popular tourist attraction in Italy.

It’s impressive to think that around 10000 people lived in those cities at that time: this place it’s perfect for people who loves history, to understand and have an insight of the real life of the Romans during that age.

When the tour of excavation ended, I decided to get back in the city and have dinner in a popular pizzeria in the center of Naples: a perfect ending for a wonderful day in a city that I always fancied to visit.