Day Tour and shore excursions in Naples

Electa Travels day tour in NaplesNaples is nowadays a wonderful city, enriched by all sorts of influences of all the civilizations that once settled there. Choosing a shore excursion or a day tour to explore this magical city can be a wonderful opportunity to appreciate its sights and be charmed by its traditions and lifestyle.

According to legend, Naples owes its original name to Parthenope, one of the mermaid in Greek mythology: the city was established in what is now known as the Gulf of Naples, a wide wonderful inlet along the coast, guarded on the east side by the beautiful, yet terrible Vesuvio, best known for its eruption in Pompeii.

S’ Ammentu B&B in Bosa, Sardinia

bosaAre you planning to go to Bosa and do you want to find a very nice place where to stay at? You should definitely book a room at the S’ Ammentu B&B.

The town, which is old and very nice, can be visited by walk since the bed and breakfast is located in one of the streets in the old part.

It seems to be hidden in a labyrinth city, but it also gives you the feeling of living like the locals.

Hotel Beau Rivage in Alassio

Hotel Beau Rivage While visiting the very nice town of Alassio, you definitely have to stay at the Beau Rivage Hotel, a three-star place you will fall in love with.

Located near the promenade, in a very quite neighbourhood in order to let the guests relax, the hotel is a 19th-century old villa where once the artist Richard West used to live.

There is no pool or lift or any other luxury such as spas, but it is a small family-run place where you can be treated in an excellent way.

Hotel San Ranieri

If you are in Pisa for both work or pleasure, and you want to stay in a modern, clean and friendly place, book at the hotel San Ranieri, a 4-star hotel which can be the right place for you.

Even if it is out of town, it is close to the airport, so if you arrive there by plane it is perfect and suitable for you.

Its design is very unique, and you can also organize meetings and parties there, according to your needs. A great option for people who go there for work.

Hotel Santa Caterina in Siena

hotel santa caterina in sienaAre you looking for a hotel in Siena? Your choice has to the Hotel Santa Caterina, due to its position, its comfort and its structure.

It is a three-star hotel located near the city centre, in the Porta Romana area. It means you can reach the centre in just 10 minutes by tram or 15 minutes by walking. Lazy people can also take a taxi and it costs about 10 euros. You can also easily reach Piazza del Campo, the most important square in town.

Cascina di Corte Hotel in Venaria

Near Turin there is the beautiful town of Venaria, famous in the Piedmont region because of the Reggia and the royal gardens.

Overlooking the gardens of the Palace of Venaria Reale, the Cascina di Corte is a hotel having the view on these gardens, giving the idea to its guests to be in the Reggia. It’s pretty cool, isnt’ it?

The building previously was an old country home and later it became a small but very nice and elegant hotel in the area of the Sabaude Residences. There, you can feel the familiar atmosphere of such a fashionable place which welcome the guests offering them the chance to appreciate the sophisticated taste of the Reggia.