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A hotel in a previous monastery in Saluzzo

Saluzzo is a small medieval town near Turin, in Piedmont and it is very well known because of the old part that still has some of the original houses of the Marquis.

The Monastery of St. Jonh (Convento di San Giovanni, in Italian) was a meeting point for the tourists, since it is located near the Civic Tower where you can have an amazing view of the town from the top. Recently they decided to close this place, a very symbolic example of the religious architecture, and they restored it in order to transform it in a 4-star resort.

The hotel offers 13 rooms located in the upper floors of the building, where in the past Cistercian and Dominican friars lived in the quiet of the place.

Residence Sacchi in Turin

Spending the night in Turin is very easy actually, since there are so many hotels in the city, according to where you need to stay at.

The Residence Sacchi offers you a very innovative place where you can relax and enjoy your night after a long day visiting museums or exploring the city.

Located in the center of the city, 5 minutes from the Porta Nuova train station, it is well connected to the underground, the main bus stops and to main spots,such as Piazza Castello, Via Roma, Via Garibaldi and Via Po.