Dolomiti National Park

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A different trip to the Dolomiti area, expecially during summer, consist in visiting the area inside and around the famous Dolomiti National Park. Being known as the place with the purest air of the whole Italy, the National Park of Dolomiti lies north to Belluno.

You could start your trip from that city, obviously with a car. Following the old Via Agordo, keep going east until you reach Vignole. This small town is incredibly clean and well kept. People is always gentle and will give you every kind of information you need.

dolomiti national park

From Vignole, go north for about twenty kilometers. In this way, you’ll reach Ponte Mas, a small village near the River. Take some pictures here, the location is really nice. Keeping going north, you’ll soon reach San Gottardo, with its beautiful lake. Now you are at the beginning of the National Park. San Gottardo is a good place to have lunch, but, if it’s not too late, we suggest you to eat directly inside the Park.

Be ready to take lots of pictures ; here landscapes are definely stunning. If you are traveling in summer, with a little fortune you’ll be also able to catch with your camera some wild animals like wild boars, heers and brown bears.

And what about the lunch we were talking before ? There are some old restaurants inside this area where you can enjoy a tasteful meal. You can also try some specialities from Dolomiti, like the famous Strauben (a tasty fried dessert)

Now you are in the middle of the park. You can spend the rest of your day here, just looking around taking some pictures. Or, if you prefer, you can keep going north, reaching the beautiful town of Agordo, with its incredible valley, just outside the Park. Be careful, even if you are coming in summer, try to avoid driving during night. Mountain roads are always a risk without good visibility.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by: gigi 62