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Sardinia is well known for the purity of the sea. The water is really clean and warm, you can always see the sea bed perfectly. But Sardinia is not just that. This land has an impressive story and incredible culture. If you have a car, we strongly suggest you to take a look to the inland.

Sardinia is crossed by only one freeway connecting the south to the north. If you exit from the freeway and start looking around, you’ll discover lots of beautiful places ; incredible villages, stunning landscapes and much more.

Visit Sardinia

Let’s start from the north of the island ; near Olbia there are lots of beautiful villages you should take a look at. Arzachena, for example, is a lovely place with beautiful landscapes and a really reserved seaside. Going a little deeper you can find some natural beauties like the famous “Dito di Montepino” , a sculpture made by nature in the middle of Gallura.

The whole Gallura, expecially on the internal roads, can offer you wonderful stone landscapes, like small canyons. Be adviced you can find many free animals there, from deers to wild boars.

Keep heading south and take the SS199/SS597. Take a look around you, trees, plants and flowers you can find in Sardinia are unique and different from what you can find in continental Italy. After 50 chilometers you’ll reach Coghinas.

Now you are into the heart of Sardinia, and you’ll recognize it easily looking at the way old people are dressed, or looking to the signs of the old shops. In Coghinas you should definely take a look to the Lake. We suggest you to get over the hill near Coghinas and take a look from there. The view is something you can’t say with words.

And now ? Let’s have some traditional Sardinian food. You can have lunch in Coghinas, or keep going and stop in a different town. In any case, be sure to eat the famous Porceddu ; Sardinian people are well known for this delicious course made with pig. You should also try Pistoccu, the traditional bread, and Seadas, a fried dessert made with honey.

If you still head south, you will be able to take back the freeway. Now you can decide to head back home, or keep looking around. If you still have time, keep going south. Near the old city of Abbasanta there is another beautiful lake, the Omodeo.

Near this lake lies the Gennargentu, the biggest mountain range of Sardinia. During winter you can even go skiing there. Now, if you want, you can get back on the free way and drive a little more , in order to reach Cagliari, the main town of the island. Enjoy a bath into his beautiful sea ; after a long trip like the one we suggested, you will like it for sure!

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