Hotel Santa Caterina in Siena

hotel santa caterina in sienaAre you looking for a hotel in Siena? Your choice has to the Hotel Santa Caterina, due to its position, its comfort and its structure.

It is a three-star hotel located near the city centre, in the Porta Romana area. It means you can reach the centre in just 10 minutes by tram or 15 minutes by walking. Lazy people can also take a taxi and it costs about 10 euros. You can also easily reach Piazza del Campo, the most important square in town.

Cascina di Corte Hotel in Venaria

Near Turin there is the beautiful town of Venaria, famous in the Piedmont region because of the Reggia and the royal gardens.

Overlooking the gardens of the Palace of Venaria Reale, the Cascina di Corte is a hotel having the view on these gardens, giving the idea to its guests to be in the Reggia. It’s pretty cool, isnt’ it?

The building previously was an old country home and later it became a small but very nice and elegant hotel in the area of the Sabaude Residences. There, you can feel the familiar atmosphere of such a fashionable place which welcome the guests offering them the chance to appreciate the sophisticated taste of the Reggia.

Chiaja Hotel de Charme

If you go to Naples, treat yourself as a king, literally. It means you don’t have to choose for a place where to stay at, but the place. And this hotel happens to be named Chiaja Hotel de Charme.

Located in the heart of the city, 20 meters from the famous square called Piazza del Plebiscito, the symbol of the local culture, the hotel offers you all the comfort you need and deserve while you are staying there for pleasure or for work.

The nice and very organized staff is always at your disposal to satisfy all your requests and to give you directions, suggestions and so. It has to be said that rule number one of the place is treating guests as they deserve. That’s why this hotel is one of the best ones in the city.

A hotel in a previous monastery in Saluzzo

Saluzzo is a small medieval town near Turin, in Piedmont and it is very well known because of the old part that still has some of the original houses of the Marquis.

The Monastery of St. Jonh (Convento di San Giovanni, in Italian) was a meeting point for the tourists, since it is located near the Civic Tower where you can have an amazing view of the town from the top. Recently they decided to close this place, a very symbolic example of the religious architecture, and they restored it in order to transform it in a 4-star resort.

The hotel offers 13 rooms located in the upper floors of the building, where in the past Cistercian and Dominican friars lived in the quiet of the place.

Hotel Al Ponte Mocenigo in Venice

Going to Venice is a great idea, especially if you book at the Hotel Al Ponte Mocenigo. It is simply awesome, and let’s find out why.

First of all, the owners are so helpful, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Enjoy your time and ask them everything you need without any problem. From the shopping to the grocery, from the pastry shop to the souvenir one.

Second, the position of the hotel is in the center, so it is the perfect spot for you: you can both walk or take a taxi. You can walk to go to the Rialto Bridge or Saint Mark Basilica.

Praiano villas for rent in Amalfi coast

Praiano Villas for rent Amalfi CoastPraiano is a small but beautiful municipality in the province of Salerno. It is part of Amalfi Coast and thanks to its wonderful natural beauties it is very frequented by many tourists from around the world.

The geographical characteristics of Praiano recall those typical of all the Amalfi Coast. In fact this little city consists of many flights of steps that are the only means to reach some beautiful and particular parts of this municipality, naturally walking.